How to Teach or Create Videos that Will Generate Millions on YouTube

How to Teach or Create Videos that Will Generate Millions on YouTube may not be too comprehensive, but a sure guide to making many from the videos you place on the internet.

And, of course, I’m aware you have something to teach; but probably, you don’t know how’

There are great free approaches to converting your passions into lucrative ventures on the internet, and I’m about to mentions few of them.

Even if you don’t teach, you can still make money with youtube videos. This may come from ideas to share comedy (if you are a comedian), reporting events and other as a freelance journalists, or even creating other amazing concepts from your own ideas.

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll notice that We Use Naira blog is your only ‘work from home’ advocate; and we are working every day to ensure that we all see legit means of making money online; and that will suit our own lifestyles.


Why We Shared this Post

There is high rate of unemployment, and instead of waiting and complaining about this poor governance, we’ve decided to share free and lucrative ideas that can convert your hours into money.

Don’t you like it?


Last week, I wrote on how to make money online by working as a Virtual Assistant, and you can check it out here

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I’m Talking to You

I mean you!

It’s not for any category of persons to make money from their intellectual abilities. We are all entitled to these possibilities.

This is just one out of the many ways people can make money on the internet.

But, like I will always say, there is no way you can earn online without working online.

But in respect to this; if you don’t have a comedy group to generate videos for YouTube, you should use the tools I will share here, to create video tutorials in order to build your own audience.


People Need What You Have

Apart from YouTube, there are tons of other video platforms that will help you place your visual content for massive consumption from million audience out there on the internet.

If you don’t have the knowledge to teach anything (which is likely not true), you will have something to share.

You can become a local or international reporters (freelance journalists) at the comfort of your locality.

Just get live events and share on YouTube.
There are thousands that will love to hear from you on daily basis.

With this option, your phones alone may be the studio you will ever need.


How to Teach Online and Make Money

Do you really want to teach online and make money?

I think the right question I should be asking is, if you have what to teach online.

This is because the possibilities of becoming the 6-digit earner is totally dependent on the content of tutorial you share on the internet.


How to Publish Videos on YouTube 

I don’t even Know how to make Posts on YouTube. Don’t worry, I’ve made a post to guide you through:

Read:  How to Upload Videos Free To make Money Online (on YouTube)

Have you read it?

Whether Yes or No; that cannot stop us from continuing.

The next in the show is how to make money from Videos placed on YouTube.


How to Make Money from YouTube 

Although Youtube does not publish its CPI rates, online marketing firm Penna Powers estimates their current CPI to range from as low as $.5 to as high as $10.

Let’s do some calculation now:

Assuming  that all 1 million viewers on a particular video also watch the ads before it. We can conservatively assume that your CPI is at the average range of $2 (as estimated by Hank Green).


You could expect each video to earn:

Views x CPI
1 million views x ($2/1000 views)

Now factor in the ‘Skip ad’ button and ad blockers. Penna Powers estimates an average of only 15% of viewers actually watch ads without skipping. 15% of 1 million viewers would be 150,000 viewers:

150,000 views x $2/1000 views

$300 is definitely way below the initial $2000 you thought you’d earn for 1 million YouTube views.


This mean a lot of money:How to Make money online from Youtube

Remember that CPI rates vary from $.5 to $10. YouTube uses a complex algorithm to determine the quality of your views. They assign your rate depending on these factors:

  • The type of audience viewing your video
  • The ads themselves
  • The price of the ads
  • Audience retention and engagement


Other Things you Need to Know 


Note” You can make money online by just posting videos of some funny stuffs around you. You can also start a freelance journalism thorough videos, you can teach the Gospel, Create online Schools, you can help other learn more about a place or anything you might think of.

But if you don’t have original funny videos to post, the tools I shared below will help you create lessons from your desktop Screens to share on your Channels


Even if you get a great rate you could still earn well below $2000. The best YouTube marketers will tell you that views are important, but don’t expect to earn a fortune from your YouTube views alone.

How does YouTube pay you?

YouTube itself doesn’t actually pay you. The money comes from Adsense, a separate company owned by Google. They used to send you a fun, and slightly romantic, cheque. Most people are now paid via direct deposit on the 21st of each month. Some countries have other options for getting paid by YouTube:

  • Western Union
  • Wire transfer
  • SEPA

You can also drop a comment to be assisted on how to get stated. But feel free to read till you learn more about how to make money online with YouTube videos here.



However, this ‘teach online’ scheme is based on videos.


What these application do is that, it helps you capture your laptop screen and the voice, as you demonstrate your subject from even the comfort of your homes.


Here are the free tools you need to teach online:


#1. Aviscreen

This application captures and records your computer screens with just a click of a single button. It has about three different video storage formats but I prefer Avi. The only shortcoming with this app is that it does not record audio. It is only used for windows to download follow this link.




Its own job is to capture your onscreen activities both in videos and in audios. It saves as Avi and only favours windows operating systems. It has no cast attached Download  Link;


#3. Corpenicus

I used this software because of my operating sytem. I’ve been using Mac Operating System and corpenius is designed for Mac. It does not record audio but has good speed in making videos. It uses the fasted memory of the computer. If you are a Mac user, download the software here:


#4. Jing Project

Download Link:

This program goes beyond video recording. It allows it user take photo shots of any important part of their deliveries. With this, any portion of your desktop can be taken together with the video tutorials. The amazing feature is that it takes the image, suggest a free hosting plan for upload. You can redirect your audience of view the image anytime. What completes its usability is its functionality with two popular Os, Mac and Widows.


#5. All capture

The great software can record both video and audio in real time and can send out videos in different other formats like Flash, EXE, DVD, SVCD and even VCD. It is for only windows users.

Download Link;


#6. Adobe Captive

Some have confirmed that Adobe remains the best in any dealing with media, but I have to agree with its cost first. Pricing has been a great constraint with the distribution of adobe products. You can get this software with just $700. Download Link:

There  are still many other software that can help your project your thoughts to thousands of online consumers but you need to understand the basic principles and procedures involved in online tutorials and how you can earn from it.


Best place to earn through your videos

Youtube presents users with a lot of opportunities to drive revenue from the jobs on the web. It ranges from one affiliate and partnership programs to the other but the most amazing means is through Google Adsense.

Monetizing your videos on Youtude create lots of financial in stream.Because you stand a chance to make money from anyone that watches the video.

But this depends on the nature of videos and the consumption traffic.

Another possible platform that will help you teach online and make some money is, having a blog.

Blogging boost the visibility of your tutorials.


But without blog?

Don’t worry. You can create groups with filtered audience, on your social profiles and share your tutorials across more other groups and pages.

Note: The content of the tutorial will always be the king



How to monetize your videos

Just start teaching with your videos first.

You must have gained some amount of views before you consider the monetization option, in order to make money from whatever collection of lessons of demonstration you post on Youtube.


After signing up for adsense through the procedures shown here, you are now good to earn; but remember you must monetize any video you upload. This is preferably done as the video is being uploaded. Simply click on more option and turn the monetization button on (watch the video below; (attach video)


How to Make Money Online With Videos Posted on YouTube

Youtube uses Cost Per Click (CPC): This is simple to understand. It depends on the amount that particular sponsor pays per click of his advertisement. Some are higher than the other but let assume that it is $2; when a viewer clicks on any video zdd, $2 become yours.

Youtube also uses Cost Per View (CPV): Depends on the cash/amount that sponsors paid in view of prospective. This implies that whenever a user watches the advertisement for no less than 30 seconds. In Youtube, advertisement, prospects are placed higher on views and not even clicks.


How to monetize your YouTube video

I assume that you have a gmail account already. I also assume that login into youtube account will not be a problem. You can start off by creating a Youtube channel or simple start uploading videos.

At least, to get started. But feel free to leave a comment below

With this, you will see how much you can make just because you teach Online.

However, We Use Naira Blog is an advocate of ‘work from home jobs’ but we are bigger fans of value creation.

You can make money online, but be ready to add some sort of value to your content.




To learn more, I shared a video that will trigger your impact on the internet through YouTube Videos




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