3 Solid Ways to Make Money Online with Blogging Aids

My name is Nnanyere valentine. And I’ve been blogging after being impacted by some of my mentors.

As a Nigerian, the fear of unemployment  hit us even before we graduated from the university.

And as a result, we had to do something about that.

Most of us started our career as online entrepreneurs even right from our campus environments, which earned us the non disputable titles of ‘campus CEOs’. And although it wasn’t officially acclaimed, we soared among our mates.


Here, in this post, I’ve looked around many social timelines and social media accounts and have seen peoples’ ability to write people into actions.

But my questions have been; why do we still carry CVs around, looking for where be employed, when we can blog?







I want you to look into these 3 Solid Ways to Make Money Online with Blogging Aids:

However, there are not the only means of making money online through blogging. We are more concerned on these platforms that will demand no financial input from your to make your earning stand tall.



And without wasting much hours here; lets get started. there Might be other interesting guide to look into.


#1. Google AdSense


Google AdSense is a program powered by Google and pays bloggers based on the number of click on their adverts. It pay as high as 3-11 Dollars per click on the depending on the advertiser, the region and your CTR.



But don’t be terrified if you did not understand the blogging terms above. You can also learn more about blogging here: Tips for Bloggers


It also pays per impression-which means that even without clicking on your ads, your blog visitors help you gain from Google AdSense Impression.


And as a matter of fact, Google AdSense is the most lucrative online business for anyone that has the abilities I mention in my blogging tutorial.



As a blogger, and in some months, I earn more than the monthly record in this testimonial :


How to Make Money Online Blogging with Adsense


And I believe you can also do that.


Blogging is as lucrative as many other online business in your county.



#2. CPA Programs


This is almost the same with the Affiliate marketing I will mention later.


But there is a slight difference.


CPA programs require that you make a sale through your platform.


This time, not Cost per Click but Cost per action.


It pays for every action your blog visitor makes through your blog posts, sidebars and headers.


For instance, you can refer some readers to watch videos, take site surveys or even subscribe for other bloggers’ newsletter, to download their software, and others.


However, there are many other ways of making money online in Nigeria, and other nations


We are here to guide you through and ensure that you don’t waste your capital unnecessarily.


There are many CPA programs but here are some of the most popular for pro bloggers:

Amazon Associates.


Rakuten Affiliate Network.


CJ Affiliate.





But, like I would always say, blogging has a lot of principle and you must observe the here before you can get to the desired earning height.


#3. Affiliate Marketing


You are paid based on agreement.


You are paid an amount of money (commission) for each company’s products you sell online.


What is means is that when someone buys from your blog, you are paid through your referral tack.


Currently, I don’t earn from this, due to certain reasons.


But have you imagined this; you refer up to 300 of your blog visitors to buy certain products of let’s say at $80.


And let us assume that you agreed to be paid %50 commission for every successful purchase made through your referral link.


This means that your commission from 300 referrals will be

300× $40 =$12,000


When converted into your local currency, you will bear me witness that it’s worth giving a second though.



Isn’t it?


But there are many other means of making money online through blogging that you might love to check out here


Below is a screenshot of one of Blogdeveloer mentees monthly earning through an affiliate marketing program. And as at march 16th this year.



You can ask me that on the comment box below.

How to Make Money Blogging with Affiliate Marketing

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Val is a passionate blogger, digital marketer and a pro web developer. He's a tech enthusiast, lover of craft and Freelance coach +2348066538123

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