Make Money Online Dealing on Domain Names

Make Money Dealing in Domain Names

Yes, even if you just own domain names you can sell it. In fact, some domain names have sold for tens of thousands of dollars due to their high demand/relevancy (think like

But I must tell you, this demands a lot of creativity and understanding of the dynamics of the internet.


However, it is one of the simplest ways to make money online without the need for a huge network , or cash to spend on the social media for your ads.



Ask me how?


How to make money selling domain names

Some people even make a huge business (a very large one for that matter) out of “squatting”; buying up domains and trying to sell them later to interested parties.

And I know you too can.


The Secret 

Don’t tell anyone this. Unless you are too generous.

When you hear of a new development, you can just goo ahead and purchase a domain name that has direct association with their work.

Or possibly get domain that might be relevant in the near future.

Government official might be forced to pay you later.

Think about hotels, legal organisations and lots more.

I don’t know what I mean, but the honest version is that some purchased domain will not help anyone that buys them.


How to Make Money Online Dealing on Domain Names

I just want to be very brief on this.
These are not the only auction sites that can help you make money online dealing on domain names.


But they will pretty help you make something out of the web.


AfterMarket – Buy domain names, purchase registered domains, list domains for sale in a number of different ways, and sell domains safely and securely. Takes a 10% commission.

Afternic – Afternic is a one-stop site to buy domains, sell domains, and park domains.  Takes 10% – 20% commission.

Bido – Domain sales. You will be notified when they respond. If an agreement is reached, you’ll be instructed to make your payment. Bido will assist with the transaction and transfer. Takes an 8% commission.

GoDaddy Premium Listings – Sell your domain name in the Premium Domain Names section of the domain search page.  Takes a 30% commission. – Leading provider of premium, dropped and backordered domains. Takes a 10% commission.

Sedo – Buy and sell domains and websites with Takes a 10% commission.

SnapNames – Buy Domains even if they are already registered or sell domains names. Takes a 20% commission.



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