19 Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online on Signup 

There are so many Legit survey sites to make money taking surveys on sites here in Nigeria.  It’s no longer news that  too can make some money by simply surveying sites


What this means is that you can mane money online by simply  signing up with the survey and airing your views about peoples’ products and services.


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Back to Survey Sites

With these survey sites, you can work and earn as much as 10,000 Naira (or it’s equivalent in your local currency) every week by just taking some surveys of other peoples’ products and services.

And I will show you how.


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Why this Post ?

We wrote this post because of the popular search terms they’ve been bombarding our plugins, such as;

1.How do I make money from survey sites?

  1. How do I cash my earned points from survey sites?
  2. How do I know a trusted survey site?

How do I register or join survey sites?

and so on.


So, I want you to keep reading, if you truly want to join the world of surveyors in making money from their time and actions on the internet.



19 Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online on Signup 


I want you to understand how this work, before you move into knowing how to get started with it.


In this tutorial, I consider the first as an instance, and not even the best of all.

But there are other Surveying sites , where you can survey and make the drops of income into your bank account.



What is Survey Site?

Online Survey sites are websites designed to help clients get peoples’ opinion about their products and services.

So in order to help users, they pay you per the number of surveys you make for their clients.


Want to have your opinions heard and get paid?
Do you want to help shape and develop products and services you use in your daily life?

Then join any of the sites I will mention late in Nigeria and get paid to take surveys, participate in focus groups and review products online.

The truth is that some offer free membership and guarantee our payments without delays.


Your Responsibilities 

As an online surveyor, there is one obvious truth you must learn to understand. You must be helping these companies achieve their objectives.

This depends on each sites.

There are different tasks demanded of anyone making surveys of products

But just like the naming suggest, you need to take series of surveys in order to make the money.



How To get Started 

First and foremost, you need to sign up by visiting any of the sites, say MOBROG 

Sign Up by imputing your Real information. You will get a verification email through which you can activate your account with the site.

Important: Please make sure that the email you used while signing up is the same email you have on your PayPal Account.


This is because, your money will be transferred to your online account at PayPal. If you do not have an account with PayPal, you can register for an account by going to www.paypal.com.


Mark my words, chose a preferred email account and only use that.


To complete some of the transaction you need to approve it in your PayPal account within 30 days. It can take up to 24 hours for your money to be credited to your PayPal account.

Read more about PayPal >>


How to Make Money Surveying Sites in Nigeria


How to Redeem Your Rewards

It depends on the type of survey. But there is always a minimum amount of cash to be in your account before you can click on withdraw.

But to prove the smoothness of the journey, your money will be transferred to your online account and that is PayPal. If you do not have an account with PayPal, simply click here to get started.



How Much Can I Make Per Survey?

Th company determines what you’re paid at every instance.

Some websites even pays as much as a thousand Naira per review. So, you need too stick to the one that work well for you.

And the beautiful thing is that you can review as many products as possible.

So far there is data and battery on your device.


How to Make Money Online Taking Surveys on Sites

How survey company works

Some of the survey companies do not have their own products. But the almighty services might be just to get users’ responses from all over the world.


In other words, they collect people’s diverse opinion from all over the world, in order to strengthen the quality delivery of their clients.

And while doing that, they help their surveyed products and services in getting more clients and bigger prospect.




The forms of Survey Sites

There are different forms in which survey sites can take to get their responses from their users, who actually want to make money from the web. But the truth is that most survey sites pay very little amount of money.

In order words, in order to make decent money from them, you need to join up to 10 sites.


The Payment

In this business, PayPal accounts are very vital. You need a PayPal account to effectively run a survey site. Some pay into your online account while some of the companies reward you through Voucher.


19 Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online on Signup 

In order to help you make money on the internet, I’m not after the ranking.
I’ll always recommend you discerning the best options for yourselves.

There is no order of arrangement in my listing of sites where you can make money online by surveying sites in Nigeria.

Here they comes:



MOBROG is a service provided by the market research company SPLENDID RESEARCH GmbH from Germany. We conduct surveys worldwide on the Internet and via our smartphone survey app.

Our online panel is integrated into a worldwide network, meaning that we can conduct large-scale surveys at a proportionately high quality.

As a token of our gratitude and respect for their time, participants in our surveys receive remuneration which they can redeem via PayPal.

The Site: https://www.mobrog.com/en-ng/



#2.  PaidViewPoint 

Paid View point only offers short surveys, and you will earn at least 3 cents for each survey you take till the end.

One beautiful thing with this survey site is that you’ll get a survey every day.

However, you will also get $1 free bonus on signup.

Amazing. Right?

The survey is typically based on personal life, and the dashboard has just $15 minimum cashout through PayPal.

What this means is that when you’ve earned up to $15, you can request for withdrawal and have your money into your account.

What are you waiting for?

Join here


#3. Opinion World 

Some call opinion world as the leading survey sites in the world. But I must be very honest; there is nothing like such word in the cyber space.

However, it must be acknowledged as one of the best survey sites,, that can help you earn some extra income for your selves.


How to Withdraw Cash from Opinion World.

Your earnings (called point) can be redeemed through some of the payment gateways listed below:

flipkart and or jabong e-vouchers

However, the minimum washout point is 500 for this particular survey site.


#4. Clixsense

Surveying wasn’t the original definition of this website. But just recently, they have added cool survey platforms for users to make extra income from their journey on the internet.

And like, I said earlier in the types of survey site, they have daily options.

You might also get invitations from several survey companies to make extra bucks for yourselves.

All you need to do it, install their clixaddon to your browser. You will be notified on any latest survey availability.


Payment Threshold

The company pays through PayPal. And immediately you earn up to $8 as a standard member, you will request for your cash withdrawal.


Stop learning. Take a bold step now. Just join with clixsense by clicking here








More to be loaded soon!

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Our Summary


When you talk about making money online without investing, survey sites is one sure thing that come to mind. All you need to do is, sign up with the right email address and keep taking surveys.


Feel free to leave a comment, and I will redirect you to some real blog sources to get the best out of survey sites.

Thanks for being there.



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