How to Bet with Bet365 and Make Easy Withdrawal from Anywhere

To bet with bet365, all you may need is a MasterCard from your local banks. That will enable your funding and direct withdrawal of the funds you make from the gaming passion.


The Registration is simple, but you may need to confirm your email address in order to get the account activated to run on the platform.


They are reliable bookies and pay any amount of winnings without complains. If you are sports enthusiast and is interested in betting, you should be aware of your local currency exchange rate,

Although I know it’s better betting in Euro or Dollars. The return is cool when converted to Naira (or any local value of yours),

However, the Minimum bet amount is 20 cents = $0.20 (if you’ve chosen to bet in Dollars). On the same not, the maximum you can bet with is 800 Dollars.


And this is the tweak

You can split the cash on the same bet.
For instance,  you have 1000 dollars and you want to bet it on a match, what you can do is bet the 1st $800 Dollars on the match and bet the other 200 dollars on the same match. I just hope you understood that.


For Nigerian

To bet effectively in any foreign site that demand or accepts values or currencies that is not Naira, there is every need to read the post I’ve made about domiciliary account here

You might need a domiciliary account in order to get paid in Dollars.

Please, don’t make the mistake of depositing with MasterCard on Bet365. You can deposit with MasterCard but can only withdraw to your Dorm account.

Use visa instead. If none of the bank card is working directly with Bet365, fund your skrill instead and deposit to bet356 using skrill.

Read: How to Open a Skrill Account to Cash Online Money in Naira


Alternatively, You can fund and withdraw from your BET365 account using a U.S verified PayPal account.

After withdrawal, I’ll help convert your winnings back to Naira at a very good rate


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The verification Process

The Bet365 verification process may not be the easiest thing though. It require your national ID card or an international passport. And sometimes, they require proof of address (that is a bank statement bearing your name and address or any other utility bills)

However, if u successfully verified your account, it’s the best secured and reliable betting platform.

I made this post to assist betting fans out there. Because these are most of the questions that we receive over time:

Pleases how do I withdraw?
Do they have better odds?
What is d maximum limit I can win?

But the truth is that I may not have all the answers to the listed questions. However, I have core solutions that will make your journey with Bet360 a great one.



Other Countries

If your country has placed no ban on foreign transitions, feel free to sign up with your MasterCard ussied by your local Banks. Betting can’t be any hard.


How to Start Betting with Bet360

The registration process is very simple.


Visit Bet365 website here and follow this step:

How to Join Bet360 and make money in any country


Scroll down and click soccer at the left hand side of your screen(Or simply click on the BET NOW)

You will be redirected to a new page where the betting, login or Join button will be displayed for you.


Betting with bet365

  1. Click on the particular country you want to bet from. Mine county is Nigeria as you can see on the registration panel.

And I got this by clicking on the Join button.



  1. Click on the club
  2. Scroll down and you will see Alternative Goal Line and there you will find over/under from 0.5 up to 6.5 and 7.5.
    There you go!


Note: This page is subject to further updates. But for the meantime, feel free to leave your comment on the box below.

Happy Betting!


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