Complete Transactions Procedures with Alat by Wema Bank

All means of payments; both Foreign and local transaction with Alat almost takes the same routine.

Payment with the newly created Alat account, by Wema is just as simple as any other mobile app in Nigeria.


But different from PayPal, in that they(Alat) offer more other features that other digital payment systems have not be able to offer.

Here is how to get started in case you intend to initiate a  transactions with Alat by Wema Bank.


How to Fund The Account

You can fund your Account via a Wema Bank Current or Savings Account (If you are an existing Wema Bank customer) or via other local or foreign card from any bank.


How to Make Payment 

To pay a bill, choose a biller to pay to from the appropriate category then type your customer ID.

Next, choose the account to pay from, type your ALAT PIN and click the ‘Pay’ button.

If you pay this bill regularly, save the biller and schedule your next payment.


How to Send Money with Alat 

To send money from your ALAT account, click the ‘Send Money’ button on the ALAT dashboard then click on the ‘New’ button.

Type in the account number of the receiver and select their bank from the options provided.

Save the receiver’s banking information.

Next, choose the account to send money from, type in your ALAT PIN and click the ‘Send’ button.

Now that you know how to send money on ALAT, let’s show you how to buy airtime and pay bills.


Finals Words On Opening the Account 

Someone asked this important question and I decided to share their FAQs.
The types of account you can open with Alat Digital app, and the limits
This account is restricted to a balance of 300,000 naira, a single deposit limit of 50,000 naira, and a daily transaction limit of 30,000 naira. The limits will be lifted once you upload your documents.
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