Alternative to Google AdSense-How to Apply for Ads

Working without earning from your blog can be very discouraging, and for a long time, many newbies have declined in their interest to blog.A means of paying your bill may also be a reason to continue, and in this post, Alternative to Google AdSense-How to Apply for Ads, you’ll learn the simple steps involved in applying for ads.


I’ve also written very much on the alternatives ads services to Adsense, but for the sake of the post, let me clearly tell you why I think is a great alternative Google Adsense.


The features that make it Wonderful

  • Competitive eCPM when compared against AdSense in many categories.
  • Can be used in conjunction with AdSense.
  • Has some standard ad unit sizes & some that are custom, which gives you flexibility in terms of integrating them in typical ad spots and in terms of having units which look different than common ones and thus have greater eye appeal than a standard 468×60 or 728×90 banner.
  • Leverages the Yahoo! Bing Network, which gives it a fairly decent advertiser base & network scale to tap into to ensure there are relevant ads for most topics. I believe one thing that has helped them do so well is Microsoft has done a much better job on pricing click quality than many ad networks did in years past.
  • Since they are a smaller company than Google, their partner communications are much clearer. You don’t have to pull down millions of dollars a year to be considered a valued partner.
  • Their customer support team not only communicates clearly with publishers, but also works to help improve ad integration.
  • Once your account has been established and they see strong traffic quality they are generally quite quick at approving any additional sites you add to your account.
  • In addition to offering contextual ads, has a partnership to serve Google display ads on their network (though publishers have to sign up with Google).
  • While earning statistics are not real-time, they provide them the following day.
  • Fast Net-30 payouts.

How to Apply for Ads for your site

Simply follow the steps as clearly shown on the images below.

But first login to the Ads program site here

You’ll receive a congratulatory massage, which will prove your success in the application process.

You will get this massage:

We will review your request, so keep an eye on your inbox for our email.

You will hear back within 2 business days. Meanwhile, should you have any questions, feel free to reach us at


Goto your email and check the message too.


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