ChatBanking: Meet Leo, the New UBA Banking Messaging App

With just a chat with an Android known as Leo, you will carryout many banking transactions with your UBA accounts

Just like a regular chat with a friend, you can chat with Leo on your facebook messenger and get loads of your typical banking requests sorted, right there on facebook.

Customers can open a UBA account, transfer funds to family, friends, vendors etc, make balance enquiries, request for account statements and recharge their phone airtime.

How? You may ask. You Just Chat with LEO

The New UBA Banking Messaging App for Customers

I’ve see other innovative apps and banking platforms in Africa, but the case of Leo demands a resounding applause from all of us here.

Leo would provide quick and instant responses to anything you demand, making a way for you to bank anywhere and anytime, virtually; as long as you have access to your Facebook.


Chat with Leo on Facebook

With just a chat with Leo on Facebook Messenger, you will make your payments without having to visit the bank.

For instance; if you need to pay your NEPA bill immediately so you don’t get disconnected; just head to Facebook Messenger, chat With Leo and he’ll help you pay, in minutes.

You can see how innovation is clearly defined here.

Of what need will it be, to trek all the way to the bank just to make such payments when Leo, the alimighty Chat Banking app can do it for you?

There’s no smarter way to bank. Chat With Leo!

Do you want to learn more about this ChatBanking or Messaging app, I want you to click here


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