Meet the YouTube Go launched in Nigeria

Meet the new YouTube Go launched in Nigeria, as previewed recently at Google for Nigeria Event.


The app is now available for the first public download in Nigeria.


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It is no news that YouTube has been re-positioned to meet the needs of the next generation of users in YouTube Go.

And this is available for initial download in the Google Play Store.


YouTube plans to continue to learn from our users to improve the app over time.

I know that sounds amazing, even when you are not aware of what the product is all about.

Although I think it’s probably because it is from Google_the big guy.

What is YouTube Go

YouTube Go is really awesome.

I think this is what business is all about_understanding the market. And being able to meet up with demands to suit their lifestyles.


Google has identified the problems facing YouTube users in Nigeria, and decided to solve i through beta apps.

Speaking on the announcement, Johanna Wright, VP Product Management at YouTube, said: “YouTube Go has been designed to take into account the challenges faced by YouTube users in countries like Nigeria, such as data cost and connectivity. With YouTube Go, we are making it possible for everyone in Nigeria to be able to discover videos that they love, regardless of their network status or data consumption preferences.”


What do We Stand to Gain?

You know, more Nigerians  are coming online every year, and most of them only make use of  their mobiles for internet access, YouTube is working hard to make products that are tailored to Nigerians’ specific needs.

The implication is that, with even a poor network connection, you can stream YouTube videos plus other features that will keep you glued.


You can save videos for offline watching, and can choose what resolution video to save – basic quality or standard quality – giving you better control over how you use your precious data.”, Johanna Wright added.


Other Featured of YouTube Go app

If you are in Nigeria, you will definitely Love this one.

YouTube Go is built from the ground up to meet the needs of the growing online youth population.

YouTube Go offers easy video downloading, phone-number sign-in, effortless searching, and more effective ways to control data use.

Go also features a home screen that shows both personalized recommendations as well as trending and popular videos nearby, allowing users to see the latest content that the people around are watching, upfront. It offers a ‘preview video’ function to make it easier to decide what to watch or download.


The History 

Before developing YouTube Go, the YouTube team spent thousands of hours gathering information, conducting interviews, doing testing, and refining the product. The result is YouTube Go, an entirely new YouTube app that is designed to be offline first.


More amazing Features of YouTube Go 

You can save videos for offline watching, and can choose what resolution video to save – basic quality or standard quality – giving you better control over how you use your precious data.”, he added.

This one got me. It defines innovation in the industry. And with this, Google will remain unbeatable for a very long time.


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