A mistake every Nigerian Entrepreneurs must learn to Avoid

It doesn’t matter if you’re already an entrepreneur or a prospective boss. What matter is the right things you do to keep the spirit of the business going straight. In this post,A mistake every Nigerian Entrepreneurs must learn to Avoid , I’ll like to highlight a very important problem among many Nigerian entrepreneurs.


They are the set of folks I call hustlers.

The love for their respective engagements has been the source of many inspirations, but due to the recent economic meltdown, a lot has been going down among certain fellow, which has continued to bring down the image of some hustles; most especially the social entrepreneurs.


Many are not save from this shortcomings, but there is always room for improvement, if you truly call yourself the flexible businessperson.



And here is the point;

Do not negotiate out of Hunger, Relationship or Pity
Do the right thing at the right time only. This is the 6th series of my #EntrepreneursGuide on my timeline, but I decided to bring this here. You see, the idea of being your own boss is pretty cool.
That will help you make the money yourself and not having to report to any higher authority.
I’m an entrepreneur (a web programmer & a blogger, to be precise), and the joy is awesome; maybe because it’s a function my passion for the web or because it pays my bills, but one thing I know is that I’d learnt to do certain things right over the years.
This is the fact;
There is always a set of rules governing an endeavor; written or unwritten but must be obeyed to ensure justice and fulfillment.
Let me make myself clear here:
When a client comes, do not be in a haste to mention your price, if you’re not up to date with dynamism of the niche
Endeavor to understand the nature of the work, the worth and every resources needed to get it done.
Quote me right; do not rush into negotiation!
Don’t Sound too cheap to be believed. And don’t appear to be too expensive. When you do that, your are either  ruining others’ chances of sealing their deals or blocking your road in the journey.
This is why so many fail to secure the good contracts.
And to stay save, you must  learn the worth of any job you are doing or leave it for myriads of experts looking for such opportunities
When you price right, it will send the right signal to the potential client, keeping you on the right tract that secures the Job.
I’ve made this mistakes many times.
Sometime, in a bid to satisfy my friend. And many times because I needed the money at that time.
What this does is that it rubs you off the hard-earned opportunities and keeps you in the list of scammers, even when you are not.
Then I could design and host site for client, with any amount that comes into my mind, neglecting the market value, and others it might affect.
However, one taught me a big lesson;
I got a job to market a product through a friend. I really wanted to do the job with everything had, to prove my friendliness to my friend. But along the line, I lost some cash and was unable to complete the ads.
Moreover, I was no longer in the right place to demand for more funds from him and I had already given my words that‘d get the job done in the next few days.
I need to cut the story short here, but unfortunately, the job burst. And my friend, whom wanted to please, was the first to point a finger on my face.
The blame was on me. And that cost me my financial integrity.
I found it very difficult to explain. And the result was paying from my own savings in order to keep maintain my words.
The big Lesson:
Out of pity or relationship, make it known to whomsoever you are dealing with, the worth of the job to be done. Render help out of your business terms. Always do the right things at the right time only.
Don’t be too fast to mention your price, like said earlier. That will help you ascertain the right resources and the cost of getting the job executed.
I know there is no law that determines how one should charge a client, but that shouldn’t serve as a reason to rename or misinterpret what we all stand for; the good life.
Remember, when you go too low, you’re also jeopardizing others’ fate. Don’t not spoil the hustles of others. Because you are not alone in the industry.
But if you have anything to add, using the comment box below will not be such a bad thing. And if you think I did share your mind, please share to keep others on guard.

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