How to Pay Online (in Dollars) with Barter Virtual Cards

If you are a Nigerian looking for how to pay for your online adverts, renew your iTunes/iCloud/Netflix subscription or to buy apps at Google play store, then you need to try barter virtual cards.

It is a great alternative to crating/opening a domiciliary account in Nigeria, and some other countries that are covered in the platform.


Barter cards can allow you pay for stuffs online in Dollars and some other currencies selected; and it is just like your debit and credit cards here in Nigeria.


Who Powered Barter Cards?

The barter cards was developed by Flutterwave ; and are dollar-denominated virtual cards which you can use to pay anywhere on the internet where the use of Mastercard is allowed, and you don’t have to spend much to get this done.


With this, you no longer need to pass through the stress of visiting aboki for dollars or even undergoing passing though the posed restrictions on PayPal Nigeria.


Where Do I get Barter cards?

Simply Visit, to create multiple virtual cards for your online transactions.

With the web software, you can well keep track of expenses and manage your teams spending all in your barter dashboard.

And the beauty of it all; is that barter virtual cards can be funded with Naira, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings, and of course, USD.

However, it’s expected that you consider the current exchange rate; which is displayed on the dashboard always.


How to Create Barter Virtual Card

You need to create your account at

Activate your account with the confirmation code sent to your email or phone

Proceed to “dashboard” to check the current exchange rate

Proceed to “wallet”, click “NGN” and fund your barter wallet with any of the available options


Barter Cards



Proceed to “Cards” and click on “+Virtual cards”


Barter card and how to get it


Now, you need to fund your card with the funds in your getbarter wallet.


That’s all. And you are good to paying for your bills and other translations online



If you couldn’t create the Card, you can make use of the alternative means by using the “create new card” link via “dashboard” to generate your barter virtual cards.


Barter cards here


And there you have it.


Please, if you’ve made use of this Card, share your experience on the comment section below

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