6 Rewarding Ways to Remain a Relevant Blogger that Make More Money

Bloggers make money. No doubt! But there is always a price attached to any award; and as bloggers, we pay the riches dues.

However, if you really want to earn like Excel; of which I know you do, there is an indisputable formula to observe.

There is even stronger possibility that you beat the riches record in the blogosphere.

But before you quit your current job for blogging, I want you to have a glimpse of what blogging entails.


Blogging as Was Seen

I’ve been in this industry for the past 4 years. But experience hasn’t thought me anything less than the cross for others.

If you must be a blogger who makes more money than others, I want you to read these immortal rules of productive blogging.

One of the facts is that you can’t just create a blog today and expect your purse to be filled with gold in the next few weeks, irrespective of your desired monetization options.


And by now, I’m aware that you truly want to blog.


Here are the traits of successful bloggers that you must learn:


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#1. Be consistent

You can talk A today and start talking B on your blog tomorrow. Some thread that path but it’s a question we must all answer.

You need to be on time, even as you share vital information. And try as much as possible to be consistent in that type of information.

Blogs are collection of solution to similar problems.

Ad with the recent shift in algorithm, Facebook and other topnotch social network [which is the best place to become visible as a blogger] now demand more work in the frequency and timing, in order to achieve higher conversion rates and ranking. Just like Google do.


As a blogger, you must learn how to fish out your audience [they are people who need what you share] ad also keep them engaged for a long time, with what you share.

This might also include spam free email marketing for your blogs. Feel free to ask questions about this.

Above all, you must endeavor to create and post relevant contents on your blogs that will keep these ones glues to your timelines.

In blogging, we say that content is King.


#2. Be Persistent


Do not give up. It doesn’t matter what industry, products or thought line you represent. One core fact is that blogging to impact takes more time.


Blogging demands a lot of other ventures but none is as effective as being persistent, striving to be recognized in a particular niche through keywords and other SEO hacks may not be as easy as you were told during the blogging seminars.


#3. Think Like the readers

Just because you want to the top page of the Google Search Result, you might go as far as spamming keywords to confuse the crawlers, but the truth is that you’re just increasing your bouncing rates.

Before you hit the ‘Publish’ button, try as much as possible to ascertain if you would just click on the link to read it. If you were to be the reader from the other end.

Have the readers in your mind.

People come online to look for solutions to their problems.

Are you solving one as a blogger?

SEO friendly posts do not mean readers friendliness. So, try to know the difference.


#4. Do it Right

Don’t just rely on the information you have. Tap, daily, into the experiences of other experts in your field. Learn what they were not doing right from what they are not doing well.

The best way to remain relevant as bloggers is to be evolving with time.

Bloggers make more money. But how?

That is what I am about to let you learn here.

I don’t want you to rely on the things you learnt from the first days you heard about blogging in a seminar. Or from the blog posts that teach you how to blog.

You need a mentor that will shape your blueprint into forms.


#5. Solve Problems

Even entertainment bloggers solve problems.

Do not think that they only share beautiful pictures of people that have made it in live. They attach stories that might push their audience into action. I mean positive actions.

So, what problem is your blogging career currently solving? Or what problems does it intend to solve?

There is job scarcity in Nigeria, and that is why I crated one of my first blogs to help the peoples’ ministry.

Locate one and try to solve it with your blogs. You will learn what I mean when I say that Bloggers make more money.


#6. Monetize your Blogs

We can’t talk about blogging as a career without talking about how your blogs can feed you. I have written tons of blog posts that will back my bragging that ’bloggers make more money’ and I want you to read the following blog posts:

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There might even be other ways to make money as may not be contained in the link above. But I’m pretty sure that as a blogger, you will make more money when you utilize any of the two options narrated above.

However, as you’ve decided to blog, there are others things you might try to learn as time goes on. But the most important things I want to teach you is to be persuasive to the core and try as much as possible to desist from plagiarism. It kills efforts and frustrates people creativity.




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