Review of the Constitutional Amendment-a Force on the Nigerian people

It will be uncalled for to condemn all the moves by the legislators in altering the already existing constitution, and neither will anyone call it unwise to come up with a new set of rules for Nigerians. But there is a massive clamor for more inclination of the public opinion in the ongoing constitutional amendments. From the voice of well-meaning Nigerians, there is a need for constitutional amendment but there is also a bigger need for public opinion, as the driving force.

This mismatch lead to the feeling that the fate of over 170 million Nigerians is no longer save in the hands of the 500. Some described some amendments as a move to buy more control of power, by the lawmakers, using the constitution.

For instance, altering or suggesting more Immunity for the lawmaker isn’t the need of the nation at the material time, or neither does it have a long term view in our political dispensation. But if it does, the lawmakers should clearly state what such bill stands to achieve, said a concerned Nigerian.

Moreover, the bill of the Independence Candidacy is nothing but a strong suggestion for more entropy in the electoral system and more confusion on the INEC. This implies nothing but emulating a developed country, even when it has been hard to be adopted.

Even without any constitutional insight, it will not be cumbersome to note that the last general election drags the electoral bodies to court till date, over diverse issues-and what gave birth to the hope that we can cope with the system of Independent candidacy is still a puzzle in the minds of many Nigerians.

Consider brexit; the people decided and that was a definition of democracy.

New constitution is a welcome development, but we need to have considered the impact of the old ones.  Has it been found worthy of adhering to?

Whatever the case may be, the spirit of the constitution should flow from the people. But on a level ground, what we need is the new mindset and attitude towards the rule of law and never a not constitution. But if we should go for a branded constitution, let us go for a branded mindset too.

Let’s go back the memory lane.

The 1963 constitution was criticized as being corrupt, by Major Nzeogwu. And this distinctively lead to the template we now feel we suffer.

This declared it obvious that a new constitution is not what the need calls for. We already have a template, and a running framework. We need to understand that a constitution cannot be an encyclopedia of nations’ challenges. All we need is to suggest on either addition or removal of excesses, utilizing our representatives to reduce cost in governance.


With due respect, the need of any sane Nigerian in the constitutional amendment is to address utilization of resources by the government in the right phase of governance and in the interest of the countrymen.

But if there should be new constitutions, there should be a clause for referendum which reflects the will of the people.

But if you have something to add, the comment box is for everybody.

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