Things to Consider while Searching for a New House in Nigeria

Are you looking forward to buying or renting a house in Nigeria? Here are core factors you must put into consideration, to avoid being led into regret; after spending your hard-earned currency on an apartment you may end up not making much of.

Before you take up the task of visiting Google and other countless property agents for a new house in Nigeria, take not of your personal specifications.


Perhaps, you’re searching for a little apartment for your studies, holidays or even a bigger one for a permanent residence, but whatever the case should be, searching for a new house in Nigeria requires some level of insights.



You need to know how to get a house that will not rent you some level of complains in the nearest future, and also secure the heaven that won’t cost much.

Don’t you like the idea?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for a new house to buy, sell or rent in Nigeria. What matters is the right and wrong factors you considered while delving into the search for a new house in Nigeria.


The odd Notes 

Searching for a new house in Nigeria, sometimes appear to be more daunting than searching for a new job.

In fact, the tale of acquiring a great houses, in most parts of Nigeria, sounds similar with the story of a farmer who sought for, and found  a sharpened cutlass but discovered it had no handle,  and seeing another handle-rich cutlass, he also discovered that it’d not been sharpened.


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Honestly, it frustrates to get a house of your choice without being landed into regret and complain as a buyer or a tenant.

But in order to play save, I’ll recommend you make these consideration, in order to remain at the laughing side, even if the ship capsizes


There are many known factors, and of course this piece is subject to future updates and amendments.


Things to Consider while Searching for House in Nigeria

Here are few factors you might consider while searching for a new house in Nigeria:

The House Location

Power Supply

Neighbourhood History

Types and Pricing

Tenant Size





#1. The Location of the House

A man’s heart lives where his treasure goes…

Your new house to love will definitely be the one close to your source of income.  It might also be the house that will enhance your being located by clients, depending on the nature of job you’re into. The location of your new house will surely affect your productivity, in one way or the other.


It might determine your level of commitment to your career, your relationships and family.

If you’re a boss, the location plays a vital roles in ensuring you monitor your business from within.  And if you’re an employee, the location of your house, will surely be a course to either keep a job or get fired.

It depends on your choices, but I prefer a house that will make my location easy to find, and also assist any family member whenever they feel like stopping by. And like it was just mentioned, it is totally dependent on your lifestyle, your job location, your choices and faith.

But a house close to place of work is more preferred.

Other factors you might consider as regards the location of the house include:

Closeness to Market

What class of life are you; the cooking or the eatery type? If you are the number former, ensure you locate a house very close to the market.


 Closeness to Place of Worship

For Muslims and Christians; a place of worship is always the first priority set while searching for a new house in Nigeria, and depending on your nature of job and level of faith in God, closeness to place of worship will be a boost to your commitment in the things of the spirit.

and many others.



#2.  Power Supply

This is a general concern among Nigerians. You may also bear this a witness that some areas in Nigeria see electricity as a ceremonial gift, as a matter of fact, your new house in Nigeria should be positioned to power advantages.

Since power sector was fully privatised in Nigeria, the ‘business as usual’ faded into thin air. The distribution companies, on their side, strive to ensure an even distribution, yet priority is placed on some regions.

Getting a new house in Nigeria, one should consider locations where the use of prepaid electricity billing meters is dominated.


Due to the preference to clarity in consumption and in charge,   the electricity companies tend to show more concern over people whose rate of power consumption is monitored. Instead of estimating charged over months, they supply more power to regions with little tenancy of uncontrolled power usage.

So while searching for news houses to rent, consider the condition of power distribution, making use of my assumptions.


#2. Neighbourhood History

The pages of history will always have something to say about any part of Nigeria. Your new place to either buy or rent a house must have one. And it matters a lot to both your today’s joy, posterity and lifespan.

What have you heard?

It might sound callous but of a truth, some areas are not meant to be dominated with sane personalities, and I don’t mean any offence here.

Your possible house must be known for stability and some level of security consciousness.

I hate being rubbed.


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#3. Types and Pricing

Sometimes, certain flamboyance are considered waste of resources, and most Nigerians are blind to the fact, owing to the effects of their youthful exorbitant. When you intend to live single for the next two years, what’s the need for paying for extra 2 rooms?

Instead, get a comfortable but more affordable one bedroom flat, to get started with life.

Save money for the sake of posterity and shun what friends might tell of your choice of abode.  Time is, indeed, the maker. And chances might call that you’ll live even better in the future.




#4. Tenant Size

This is indeed, personal but my preference is not a house with so much people living therein. And I’m also selective of the kinds of people living in my dream house to rent.

Houses with much tenants are always characterised with poor decision making and lots of commotion while settling disputes and house matters.

Moderate is always the choice, while consider moving to a new house.



#5. Closeness to Road

Some areas in Nigeria don’t allow the use of commercial cyclists, thereby making it more difficult for some dwellers without personal means of transportation.  Some housing estates prohibit the entrance of commercial vehicles, and of course, not an ideal house for beginners who have no cars.


#6. The Space

The space is of higher priority in an ideal house.  It is used and admired by so many category of clients.  It ranges from packing spaces to play grounds for children. But hold vital value to both our recreation and economic importance.


You may need extra spaces in your new house.

However, most compounds in some locations in Nigeria are already known for utilising the roadside as their packing slots, which endangers some species of vehicles.


There are many reasons to make the right or the wrong decision.  They all depend on our lifestyles and faith. The post, Things to consider while searching for a new house in Nigeria, was not meant to scare anyone. Every chosen location in Nigeria is just too great to dwell.


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