Sites that will Buy your Photos and help You Make Money Online

One of the most common arts young people, especially in this age of smartphones and selfie sticks, is ‘the taking of photos, ans selling it online won’t be such a bad thing.


And our  Work from Home Campaign,  this week,  include how to make money from these photos.

Which includes how to live your entire life working and making money online, as a photographers.

Although you never imagined being one.



But instead of deliberating on this, let’s think about this.

You have a phone that possibly, takes better pictures than two professional camera put together. And you’ve not seen a business in it?


You don’t need to worry.
I will help us understand where to make the best out of what you take as nothing.


You can make money from your photo-I mean those ones right inside your android devices.

Why do we take Photography Serious?

We are all subject to this discussion and it appear that the average human being takes photos either just for the fun of it or to more accolades on social platforms. Little do they know that those photos could actually earn them some money


But originally, Photography is a lifestyle as it reflects memories and it still does.






I will love to give you an instance from Nigeria.

This is because some internet users have argued that turning your photos into good sources will not be possible in Nigeria.

The photo below was taken by Wale Adekile, aaka Don Caprio, who is the founder of and

He obsessed with professional shots and takes photos like this with his Huawei Honor 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus with some auxiliary lenses attached.

Bloggers make reference to him in Nigeria; just because his photos are totally marketable could make tones of cash if he’d   decided to sell his photos.

Make Money from Photos Online


And he has also been advised my many friends and followers to do same.

make money online with Photos

But there is a current development that made is obvious that the dude has considered one of the platforms I’m about to share with you.

I touched the story to make you believe that I’m not alone in this thought of monetizing your photos .

But the next genuine question you should have asked is; where do I sell these photos to make money online.

Can my photos really help me work from home and make money?

And here I explain them in details:


#1. Shutterstock 

Millions of photos are downloaded daily through

In fact, that is the secrets of most design giants .


And they don’t run charity organisation. . You will earn money on each of your photos that are downloaded. Payment is always about $0.4 USD per download, so let make a few mathematical analyses!

If a single photo has about 1500 downloads; which is very possible.

$0.4 ×1500 = $600.

Meaning you earn as much as $600 USD (about 210,000 NGN) on just one photo, provided it has enough quality to attract that amount of downloads. I guess you’ve started calculating how much you would earn if you have about 120 approved photos.


Financial, It’s lucrative. Isn’t it?

And as a photographer, I don’t know what you’re waiting for


Where to sell pictures and make money online

But I won’t forget to say something here, you need the skills. Once you have that, you need to have a good camera.

Or even a phone with nice lenses.

Opt in by visiting and Register as a ‘contributor’ on the website.


#2. IstockPhoto

Another website on which you can sell your photos is IstockPhoto.

The site has a similar setup with the former, and you make money by uploading your photos with the hopes of attracting buyers.

This makes it look like our traditional businesses.

It don’t matter the choice of photography you have. Your photos could be of anything – animals, species of organisms, animations, plants, and anything you could think of but not necessarily yourself.

Once accepted with iStockphoto, you’ll receive a minimum of 15% of any sales. However, if you have “Exclusive” status, your earnings can increase to 45%. Here’s a full royalty schedule with typical prices to help you estimate your revenue.

To apply, just select the most appropriate category (photos, illustrations, video or audio) and fill out an application (it’s free)


#3. Etsy

One beautiful thing about this platform is that it doesn’t require only selling the professional stuffs you might be wondering.

You can also sell your own pictures.

While the fee structure is beneficial to a photographer (Etsy keeps 20 cents on each sale as well as 3.5% of the sale price), you have to put in extra work to make those sales.

While people browsing stock photo websites are specifically looking to purchase images, not everyone browsing Etsy will necessarily be looking for photos. And people looking for photos may not think to look on Etsy.

That’s why, if you choose to sell your images on this site, you’ll need to invest time and energy into marketing your designs and images.

But Etsy takes such a small cut of each sale, it may be worth your while.

Etsy offers great helpful handbook to help you learn about branding, marketing, how to price your items and how to succeed. When you set up your own Etsy store, you set the prices, so your earning potential is virtually unlimited.


There are still many other sites that can fetch you some buck on the internet, selling your photos.

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