Money is Privacy and Privacy is Freedom, How to Get it Undeniably

This was my Facebook post on 1st April 2017, for my followers and friends that i loved so much.

Get it now or never

Understand that Privacy is freedom, but sometimes you see yours compromised.

Because you don’t have what it takes to provide yourself with the adequate security needed to live without this fears. I mean fear of age, uncertainties and death, without desired accomplishment.
At times, when you look around you see your enemies becoming more sophisticated than the maximum threshold of your fate, aspirations and so on. And you tremble and worry over their overwhelming efficiency, which is normal with human systematic designs but that will only lead you to hazards like hack over your joy and ego.
But instead of trembling, and sending false resonance to the outside world. Say NO!
Redesign or pay for a tougher algorithm, using the back door to decipher the strength in your weaknesses. Buy more energetic firewalls for your hardware signatures.
Remember there is no freedom without financial freedom.
What should I do to change my situations?
Is that your question? Then listen to me.
All you need is in you. Recruit your innermost man. Think deep (outside the normal), and explore the nonexistent. Fish out the problem(s) that requires only your solution. Get your skills blazing enough to cut the metallic edges of what was once perceived as limitation, because limit is vague.
Solve someone’s problems and your compensation may be your life aspiration-wealth.
What should I stop doing?
Have you ever though like this?
Words are cheap. Don’t lay much holds on encouragements, verbal supports and promises. And never try to do it like everyone.
Don’t believe in those that have been there alone.
Age and hours of operation has nothing to do with the power of discernment.
Don’t be afraid to start doing something, No matter how little.
Do something to get money. When you get money, you’ve gotten your privacy intact.
Happy New Month
From a #ProudBlogger.
Redefine your value to your society today.

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