The truth About Most High – Flavour Ft. Semah G. Weifur-Nigerian Pastor reacts

The truth About Most High – Flavour Ft. Semah G. Weifur-A Pastor reacts 

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Last week, flowing the release of Flavour’s latest song, Most High, pastor took the matter up in his Facebook timeline.


He wrote:



Gradually I had crept into YouTube to view the sensation; Most High by Flavour, featuring the Semah G Weifur, which happened to be the #1 on Trending with over a million views. Wonderful song I must confess! Flavor really does know his onion as regards music. Truth be told, if I had only listened to the audio without being told who did the song, I would have concluded that it was a new awesome release by the likes of Steve Crown, because in my opinion it really did sound in Steve’s path. The song is superb, even with MasterCraft deciding to show his rare face; playing the white grand piano on white attire. And Flavour had a way of getting into the minds of many by a ‘philanthropic’ gesture of featuring a young visually impaired dude from Liberia which gained him traction by emotion.

With the beautiful harmony and sweet rhythm that married the simple but elating lyrics into our ears and hearts, praising God and sending accolades above the firmaments, I had to sink back to myself to find answers to the probing thoughts; IS THIS NOT FLAVOUR? Yes! Is this not the same Chinedu Okoli aka Flavour Nabania who did songs like Ukwu nwanyi Owerri, Panti no niro, Baby oku, (to mention but a few) singing an acclaimed gospel song? A popular sex-themed musician singing worship to God?


Now at this point, I would want to warn you that if you think this post is a sheer criticism against the person of Flavour or his song most high, then you better stop reading because I bet you might be disappointed! I’m not party to the ‘Holier than thou’ that judge and disbelieve repentance. It is very very over possible that the Flavour you caught last night having a threesome is born again and holy before Jehovah by the next Afternoon! None of us human beings is an author of salvation, even as flavor does not need the permission or awareness of anybody to make his ways right with God. So let’s stop judging people by their pasts because a minute is big enough for salvation. I’m sure heaven would be a surprise to many who will see branded sinners or carnal men worshiping in His presence.

But on a deeper thought, mentioning Jesus or God does not make a song gospel, neither does composing and singing a ‘Christian’ song make one a Christian! This is one vital point that most Christians miss and thereby get deceived. The validity of that song as gospel is in what flavor does afterwards. If he goes back to sing about sex, women and anti-kingdom dictates, then it would be obvious that Matt. 7:21 is the category.
Despite how adoring the lyrics are, if the source is not consistent with God, then the song holds no value with Light. Let’s not be deceived as Christians because not everyone that says Jesus does Jesus. Same spring that brings warm water cannot alternate with a cold counterpart. Despite the deceptions of imitation, there’s still a distinct disparity between light and darkness. A carnal mind can’t birth a spiritual song. Impossible! Matt. 7:20.

As a person, there are two major parameters I used in deciding if a music is kingdom fit (despite the worthy lyrics); SOURCE and INSPIRATION. Source as in the person and character of the artist; what it stands for, lifestyle and value system, then Inspiration with regards what propped the song; the fabrics of the making, the obvious and subtle message. These help me note if the music is word based, has Jesus at the center and INSPIRED BY THE HOLY GHOST. With these, it become quite obvious and unfortunate that a good number of our ‘Gospel Artists’ don’t in most ways sing GOSPEL songs! Yes, it is possible that an acclaimed gospel art sings what is not gospel!

I will like to note here that a song is not necessarily bad because it is not gospel. There are good songs, but there are gospel songs. And what makes it a gospel song is beyond the rhymes and rhythm! That it is not a gospel song does not automatically make it bad, but to be a gospel song then it must pass the litmus of the kingdom.

Same way I asked some confused brethren to calmly wait on Korede after his Godwin single, I was not surprised that Romantic ft. Tiwa savage was the next. Alas! Korede was already hailed as a gospel singer with a gospel song and was even invited to some denominations for rendition. Dear Christian if that to you is gospel then also add to your catalogue the likes of Fada fada by Phyno, Bulieya by Psquare, or even Ogologo by Timaya.
Understand the thin line between bad, good and gospel. 2Tim 2:19 remains my summary.

You can hate me now.

 The post generated lots of positive reactions from Christians on his timeline.
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  • This is just like my thoughts on the matter. Although, originally, it was easier to dismiss songs like Fada Fada and Buleiya, but Flavour’s Host High is just a really good song. I adored it until I found out the source, then I found myself trying to excuse the song (still am in fact), trying to distant artiste from work and take the work alone. Alas, what do we do in times like this? Even Banky W tried his hands at a seemingly Christian song.