All You Need T Know About TheBillionCoin (TBC) in Naira

With Just “one TBC coin” you will have unlimited wealth for the rest of your life… because if you have just 1tbc coin, and you leave it to appreciate in value for 36 weeks only (9 Months), it will give you €1,310,700. That is over N500 Million in Naira.



Basic Information You Should Know About TBC (TheBillionCoin)


  1. The first thing you must know about TBC is this:

TBC is not a Multi level marketing (MLM) or a referral program.


TBC is not a pyramid scheme, ponzi or money-chain


TBC is not an Online HYIP or another wonder Bank


  1. TBC is a Cryptocurrency… just like Bitcoin and other over 700 cryptocurrencies all over the world. But unlike Bitcoin and other Crypto coins, thebillioncoin (TBC) is a more valuable cryptocurrency because the software driving the tbc mining process is programmed to increase the value of the tbc coin by 1% to 5% everyday. That is the undisputable competitive edge TBC has over other cryptocoins.


Bitcoin (BTC) was the first Cryptocurrency to be launched back in year 2008. Then the value of one unit of bitcoin (1btc) was less than 1$. Today that same 1btc that was $1 in 2008 is now selling for over $600. but bitcoin current rate is usually determined by the current rate of dollar in the market. If the value of dollar increases, the value of bitcoin will also increase even though bitcoin is higher than dollar, and vice versa. And thats because the true value of bitcoin is measured and driven by the current market prices of other fiat currencies like the US Dollar ($)!

However, thebillioncoin (TBC) true value is not determined by the current market price of other currencies but by the members of the TBC community. What that means is that as more and more people join the TBC community, the value gets stronger, hence the unstoppable increase in the daily price of TBC coin. The only way anyone can stop the price value of TBC from appreciating is for him to stop members all over the world from joining the TBC community, which is practically impossible.


  1. Unlike other currencies that are controlled by a central unit (eg just like the CBN is central bank in Nigeria Controls the activities of other banks), Cryptocurrencies / TBC are decentralized money system, the most secured and the most profitable digital currencies in today’s world. They are 100 times more profitable than any other currency in the world you could think of.


  1. Whatever money you invest in TBC appreciate by 5% everyday. No bank can pay u that. Bank usually pays between 3% to 5% monthly (not daily) and your minimum investment may be from N200,000. But you can start investing in TBC by purchasing just one TBC coin!


  1. The value of your TBC coin doubles in every 15 days.


The major difference between the rich and the poor is INFORMATION


Investing in BITCOIN is good….

Investing in THE BILLION COIN is better….


For more information on TBC,  visit TBC official website at

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