As Human, is there anything Prayer Cannot Do for You?

Prayer is one thins that man hasn’t fully comprehended, but the fact is that there is a reason behind every religions traditions and norm. However, there seems to be a thing that prayer may not do for you

Could there be Something Prayer Cannot Do?


I think so
Because pray a lot; for God’s blessings and favour.
Even for protection and more inspiration from God.
I pray for fortune. And I can’t stop praying to my God.
However, it’s not always what I thought; and that’s why most of us fail to get positive responses after long hours of prayers.
Prayers do everything.
But not for everyone.
The subconscious mind is the only intermediary that translates one’s prayer into tangible terms that infinite intelligence can recognize, and present its message in forms such as precise ideas for procuring the real objects of our prayers.
That is what gives birth to fortune.
You see?
Mere words read from prayer books cannot take you anywhere!
Fortune is an original thought transferred by stronger vibrations via passion, aspiration and obsessive desires to get better.
No man has ever climbed to any fraction of life-quadrant by mere wishes and prayers.

Should we Forget Prayers? 

Through Faith, our thoughts are given spiritual natures that enables things.
That’s why I encourage you not to fear.
Because faith and fear has the biggest power to build and destroy.
But one beautiful thing is that where one if found, the other cannot exist.
Desire wealth to the point of obsession.
Pray as though you’ve never thought of plans [It does marvelous things for believers] but plan and work as though there is no God.
As far as you desire riches, you’ve got to work
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