These are Your Roles in Obtaining Visa for Clients as A travel Agent

Can a travel agent assist client in Visa procurement?

The answer is YES! But in a manner that does not go in contrary with your local travel policy.

As an entrepreneur that wants to earn a living as a travel agent, assisting clients in obtaining Visas is another means of earning huge compensations as a freelance agent. It one of the secret responsibilities of a travel agents that many guiders and bloggers may not have told you.


Why and where Should an Agent Assist Travelers in Securing Visa

It is not applied in all cases, and the terms vary from country to country. The basic role of a travel agent is the comfort of the travelers, but these travelers are not the same. Some are more informed than others. Some may not even be conscious of their needs for travelling.

For instance, some travel for illness related purposes, and that depend on the nature of their sicknesses. So in this cases counselling for interview may be undertaken by the close relative, and demands close assistance by the travel agent.

Have you seen why the travel agent may be needed to secure the right visa?

Apart from medical visas, the help of the travel agent will be very vital in guiding the traveler against irregularities that may emanate from his/her passports, Visa and even travelling air tickets which may rob them off their travelling opportunities.

As a travel agent, you may need to enlighten your travelers on the following:

Apart from the roles of a travel agent, as listed in our comprehensive guides, here are other aspects you may need to enlighten your clients.

  1. The cultural, social economic and political policies of their destination countries
  2. On interview (if required), enlighten them on possibilities of being denied travel opportunities for failure to state their reasons for travelling.
  3. Educate your traveler(s) on the types of Visas and permit for their destination country


*another important fact every traveler must be aware of, is that they were never assisted by any travel agent; especially those countries that require thorough interview for visa issuance. This mistake has denied many their travel opportunities during interviews.

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