This Is A Life You Shouldn’ve Lived_The Bad Trait That Have Impeded Your Success

Please don’t judge too fast.

A rich heart may be under a poor roof

It may be true they steal, consumes hard drugs, and even embrace certain acts that are not in accordance with any moral standard.
You may see some as poor, lazy, and even unproductive; but that will never serve as a reason to go about their matters contemptuously. They are whom they are (to you) based on your own perspectives, which may not even be the right argument against their reasons.

Always remember that they were never born to be poor, or threats to peace in our societies. Our environmental orientations and games of life has a way of shaping our destinies. It’s by chance that your thought and good works excelled

Instead of mocking them,
Try (no matter how little) to impact that change you need in them.
After all, you are changed by chance…

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