Learn How I Make About $100 Every Week Writing And Researching Online

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How I Make About $100 Every Week Writing And Researching Online

I think this is the right hour to make some things straight to my readers.

Last four years, when I started writing, I got a Job to write on a company’s wall, to keep their customers engaged through their social profiles.It wasn’t really much of a job to be, but I had to stay close(maybe for the knowledge I needed)

I did the jobs for more than one year, and enjoyed the position on a freelance mode. I was not even paid for the first two months but I never complained-my interest was to learn from the job.

I worked for a few month with the company and then moved to www.freelancer.com.  One amazing thing about Freelancer.com is that it is totally free. I connected with my Payoneer MasterCard. I got hired by another site owner that needed more articles. It was to be feed on daily basis, and I was effectively delivering, though the terms is beyond the scope of this article.


What You Should Know About Freelancer.com
Freelancer.com is an online marketplace where employers post their jobs and members executes it. There a lot of jobs available on the website – such as writing/data entry/research/ typing/web design/social media marketing/market research/business plan writing and so on. But your ability to create a compelling profile matters much in sites like freelancer.


How can You Start Witting?

unlike Google Adsense, there is no need waiting for approval. To begin, simply:

1. Open a free account on freelancer.com
2. Search for jobs in the marketplace
3. Place your bids
4. Get picked by the employer

You may also leaarn how to market yourself here
5. Get paid
6. Withdraw your income into payoneer card (other internationally accepted cards can also be used but I prefer Payoneer).
7. Withdraw your money from any MasterCard ATM in Nigeria.


Other Ways Your Freelance Writing Can Pay You

Writing with Freelancer.com is simply working for someone somewhere. If you think you have what it takes to start your own online business, and you can write; blogging will be a nice option. Currently, I earn beyond the subject above(through mu Google Adsense), but for a start, earning about $100 weekly will not be such a bad pay.

Setting up a new blog will not cost more than $150, but can make you wealthy in few years, if you stick to something cool.In case you want to blog, and has not seen a headway, feel free to contact me for assistance.

Isn’t that simple? 
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