This Is Probably The Reason Why You’ve Not Been Successful In Life

Yearning to be others!

I’ve heard a lot from people, read and really learnt a lot from things around me but in all, my own case has always been different. This is one of the things some folks are yet to get into their minds. Where I am today might be what I actually wanted in the last few years, and probably from those things I did irrespective of contrary opinions.


What works best for you may practically not be what another man will need to even survive. But we are always busy chasing what seems as the route, just because other are excelling therein. On the contrary, I’ve come to understand that there is not conventional approach to good life, but a function of self-identification and approach to work.


Though there is no road sign that says “this is the way”, we must lean on self-discovery and diligent implementation-that is the selling point, and it’s highly recommended that everybody should seek his/hers


Your right to live is the identification of your worth. When you are not away of you worth, you are not aware of your existence. Yearning to look like others is a code message that signals your failure at all times. Success is not about what you do, its about what you are not doing wrong.


Don’t be lured by the enticing Photoshop products on our social profile walls. Some are meant to make or mar you, depending on the source and your reason. Desist from this proliferating moral subjugation that has eroded our cyber world, today-counterfeits are real.

Don’t be deceived by the praises, ‘likes and comments’ on social networks. Start working on yourself.


We all know that education redefines human personality, but I know that we all must not be educated in the classroom. We are also aware of the fact that entrepreneurs are saviors of the world, but I know that everybody must not be an entrepreneur.


You are unique…

So, please identify your angle, and plot the real graph for posterity sake. Learn new things every day and never be afraid of failure.


This might not be comprehensive, as to what we face as reasons for failure but I’m solicit for self-realization and good works towards the better Africa that we all seek.

With this, Africa will be made great again.

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