(This Video Reveals) How Hairs Sacrificed to Indian gods are Sold to Ladies as Human-Hair

This video revealed how Hairs Sacrificed to Indian gods are Sold as the popular Human-Hair.

The human hair is one of the most expensive female make up in Africa, and the number of ladies that put on the hair has been on the increased over the years.

But guess what?

They don’t know what they’ve been buying and putting on.

None of them are aware of the spiritual inclination with an unknown deity. Should the largely consumed Human-hair retain her market value or not, I don’t have any intention of insinuating. But a clearer view of the documentary will any buyer the needed insight.

According to this video, the hairs sacrificed to theirs god is collected by some enterprising fellow, processed and sold to other countries.

They wash it be free from bugs and later process it for commercial purposes.

It is a legal business and from hairs sacrificed to the deity in the temple.

And guess what nobody in India buys such.

Although their reason is that almost everyone has their own hairs.

Watch this Video and tell for yourself:


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