10 CPC Richest Countries for Adsense Earning for Bloggers

Adsense CPC is the highest angle of revenue for bloggers who monetized their blogs with the platforms, but some have failed to learn the dynamics of this ‘work from home’ job.

Blogging will be much fun when you can earn some dollars from countries with higher ranking of CPC by most Google advertisers. And on this post, we’re going to reveal other important tips about CPC even as you blog.


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The truth About Adsese CPC

Some advertisers pay more than others; just to have their contents showcased first, and hence conversion rates vary with great inferences. But based on search, there are some countries known for higher paying advertisers where you can blog around for great RIO.


10 CPC Richest Countries for Adsense Earning for Bloggers

There is no need to make the story too long to be comprehended. It’s simple

  1. The United States
  2. Canada

  3. The United Kingdom

  4. Australia

  5. Norway

  6. Germany

  7. The Netherlands

  8. New Zealand

  9. Sweden

  10. South Africa


This is a  compiled list of top 10 paying google adsense countries, you are not asked to rely on this alone,as it’s from personal experience. however you can try new targetng with your contenst, and feel free to share your expeoricen with your CPC in these countries




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