TSTV : Over 100 Channels, 20GB Hotspot Data with others Amazing Features

TSTV Launched; 100 Channels with 20GB Hotspot Data with others Amazing Features

Nigeria’s first indigenous Decoder, TSTV has been launched with yet amazing featured that must beat the likes of DSTV, GoTV, and Strong Cables, and a breakthrough in the Nigeria Television Technology.

The New Decoder was officially launched yesterday, with its amazing features designed to solve multi-challenges, and of course strike fabulous competition among other decoders that ever came into the Nigerian market. TSTV is the first indigenous Television Decoder technology industry in Nigeria, and there is a higher expectation that it will deliver to the interest of her users.


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TSTV Launched; 100 Channels with 20GB Hotspot Data with others Amazing Features

The household technology device is equipped with 100 channels including 12 sports channels for all the football leagues available around the globe.

However, this is not the most interesting buy-me features of the new decoder. It has yet some die-hard functions that must make it the most used household technology in every Nigerian family.


TSTV has Data Bundles

The decoder also has a hotspot of 20 GB, with which you get connected with family and friends, through surfing the net with your PCs and mobile phones. This is indeed, the first of its kind. And a green light too many consumers, who have not been in good terms with the high cost of data, as imposed by the NCC and Nigeria network providers.

TSTV had Camera

The video conferencing function is enabled with an inbuilt camera function of the decoder, which is another confirmation that modern technology has fully greeted the face of Television cables in the nation.


The TSTV decoder will have 50 GB hard drive built to record TV programs and a pause/play function.

Obviously, this is the first Nigerian TV to launch a Pay as you use so you can pause your subscription whenever you are traveling.


The Price

The TSTV is officially sold at N5000 (Five thousand naira) which includes the price for the decoder, the dish itself.

The monthly subscription prices are N200, N500, N1000, N1500 and N3000 respectively.

When compared with other Decoders in Nigeria, such as the GoTV, the DSTV and the Strong with is almost being forgotten, the new TSTV has some chances of threading in the market as long as their affordability and features remains responsive to the demands of their potential customers.

Just like the popular saying, that a good products markets himself, lots of brand advocates and supporter have shown interest to ensure that the new brand brings out the best of their ideas for the Nigerian people.


The truth

If the founder, and CEO was an old man, he would not have seen the need to attach a data packaging to his innovation- and this is the definition of the youths taking a greater lead to salvage both the economy and the dear hope of this nation.


The Rumor 

Recently, it aroused the media that the highly innovative brand was sued to piracy. Ignoring the fact that it’s a brand that has come to stay. Here, the TStv Africa CEO/MD made an ice-breaking speech, where he favoured every side of the true story.-TStv frankly defines the age.

However, there is a sense of relieve, that technology is embracing competition in the nation. And also presses a new hope that the high cost of data will see a new phase.

This might be the same case with the inception of the use of mobile technology in Nigeria.

We are still on the watch, as more reviews of the technology breakthrough come your way.


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