Understanding Zarfund[How To Invest and Make Huge Profit]

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Learn how to Turn 0.03btc ($24) to 164btc (over $100,000) in less than 6 months. We’ll guide you on how to achieve this feat using ZARFUND.
ZarFund is an investment platform ”Where Wealth IS Predictable”.
Zarfund is a team-work based, person – to – person funding platform. The company started mid-August but is gaining substantial unmatched grounds the Investment world has ever seen.
The only currency accepted on the platform is ”Bitcoin”. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or digital currency which has gained grounds all over the world. Its value is higher than that of the normal dollar.
1 Bitcoin = 770$ as at today. And the value keeps going up. It has been predicted that before January 2017, 1btc = $1000. Bitcoin is the future!
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With Zarfund you will normally need 2 people to register under you to upgrade. But with our team, you get your downlines within 2 weeks of registration.
You also need a bitcoin wallet, which is very easy to open here http://blockchain.info/wallet/#/


The stages of Zarfund growth is as follows:
After registering with 0.03btc for LEVEL 1.
2 downlines pay you x 0.03btc
= 0.06btc – 0.05btc (upgrade to level 2)
= 0.01btc ($7) profit per month
LEVEL 2: 4 x 0.05btc
= 0.2btc – 0.1btc (upgrade to level 3)
= 0.1btc ($73) profit per month
LEVEL 3: 8 x 0.1btc
= 0.8btc – 0.2btc (upgrade to level 4)
= 0.6btc ($460) profit per month
LEVEL 4: 16 x 0.2btc
= 3.2btc – 1btc (upgrade to level 5)
= 2.2btc ($1,700) profit per month
LEVEL 5: ($23,000) 32 x 1btc
= 32btc – 2btc (upgrade to level 6)
= 30btc profit per month
LEVEL 6: 64 x 2btc
= 128btc ($100,000) profit per month
With 2 of our team members in level 4 and 22 of them in level 3 in less the 2 months, we are confident that you will grow and reach the highest level financially.

NB: During registration with the above link, Zarfund will automatically assign the next available upline requiring downlines to you. Do not panic, you’re still with the right team.


To registration and further inquiries, Whtasapp ONLY: 07035891871



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