Video: Dangote Cement Depot Burnt-down as Three die in a Ghastly Accident in Onitsha

An unfortunate incident  greeted a peaceful area of Anambra this morning. The axis, Onisha/Owerri Expressway of Anambra state in the early hour of today, when some men of the Nigerian police force who were reported to have been assigned to protect one Dangote’s Cement depot in the area, tried to include more to their official duties, witnesses what seemed like a nightmare.

A poster, and our source maintained that some men of the Nigerian police Force were seen extorting money from motorists in the name of official checkpoint. And on the same processes of ‘taking rojas’ from commercial drivers, a lorry smashed a smaller vehicle which resulted to the accidental killing of a pregnant woman (who was struggling to cross the main road with her children). The ungodly friction also claimed the life of another helpless lady who was passing by.

This incident called the attention of many roadside journalists, who helped make the video go viral.

According to the post, the policemen posted to guide the acclaimed cement depot in the popular place of Onitsha in Anambra state has the larger size of the blames, as the cause of the deaths, which aroused the angry mod that allegedly brought down the depot.

Meanwhile, it should also be noted that it is no longer news how the men of the armed forces take unlawful advantages of the poor masses and the motorist on Nigerian highways. But this should be a course for restructuring in the policing systems in Nigeria.


The footage below were taken from the scene:

More Videos were taken from the scene:

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